Claim up to 1000 Satoshi!

Balance: 313431 satoshi

50 (80%), 75 (12%), 150 (5%), 250 (2%), 1000 (1%) satoshi every 240 minutes.

Fill in your Bitcoin address, solve the 'Question' (anti-bot security) and hit the 'Get Reward' button!







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Backup you wallet!

Now that you have some Satoshi in your wallet it’s time to secure your wallet! You don't want to lose those hard earned Satoshi!

We recommend sending backups to your email



The math

You have just earned Satoshi. Satoshi is the smallest portion of a Bitcoin. To be precise: 1 Satoshi is 0.00000001 Bitcoin. 100.000 Satoshi will be 0.001 Bitcoin (1mbtc). There are 100mbtc in 1 Bitcoin.







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Satoshi Faucetbox threshold
The Satoshi you have just earned is payed directly to your Faucetbox. After the minimum payout threshold is reached the Satoshi will be transferred to your Bitcoin Wallet. (without any fee!). You can change the payout threshold on the Faucetbox website or just leave it as it is.